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Security Information



Privacy promise ^ Top

In completing your purchase you will be asked for the following information:

  • Your name and address information (this should be given exactly as it appears on your card statement).
  • Your credit card number, type and expiry date.
  • Your e-mail address (this is needed to send your order confirmation containing important customer service and support information and your product serial number, if appropriate).

What happens to this information?
This information is used to authorise your credit card payment via SoundXtra's banking partners. SoundXtra (like all other merchants) is obliged by banking regulations to keep records of this information for audit purposes and to process queries & refunds.

SoundXtra may hold information outside of the EU and may use this information to advise you of updates, upgrades or complementary products. If you do not wish to receive information from us, please check the box in the payment pages. SoundXtra will make no other use of your information and will not provide it to third parties for any purpose other than described above.

Information Security 
Your contact information and credit card data are stored on different systems and no personal data is stored on systems that are connected to the public Internet.

Contact Information 
SoundXtra is a UK company, Registration Number 2157638

Unit 6A, Handley Page Way 
Old Parkbury Lane, Colney Street
St Albans AL2 2DQ
United Kingdom

If you have any queries or comments regarding SoundXtra privacy policies or you require a copy of the information held about you by SoundXtra , please email us support@soundXtra.com


Your security ^ Top

SoundXtra is responsible for ensuring that your credit card and other personal data is kept secure.

  • When it is submitted to our servers.
  • During the credit card transaction authorisation process
  • After the transaction when, for audit and refund purposes, it must be stored for a period of time.

Securing your personal information when you submit it to us

SoundXtra uses industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect communication between your web browser and our web servers when you are submitting personal information.

SSL encrypts the data sent by you to us. SSL achieves this with a 40-bit SSL key containing many billions of times more combinations than the 4-digit PIN number usually used to protect a credit or debit card. This means that, even if your data were to be intercepted, it is extremely difficult to decode. This key is used just once and is discarded when your transaction is complete.
SSL also enables you to automatically establish the authenticity of the site and confirm the identity of the company you are dealing with. This is achieved using a server certificate awarded by an independent Certification Authority (CA). SoundXtra servers use Verisign certificates awarded by BT Trustwise.

Securing the card authorisation process
When SoundXtra submits your card data to its banking partners for authorisation SoundXtra encrypts it with even stronger encryption than 40-bit SSL and communicates it to the bank via private, secure networks rather than the public internet. Unlike a retail or mail order environment this process is entirely automated and, therefore, no human even sees your card data.

Securing your data after the transaction
In order to comply with Credit Card Merchant rules, for audit purposes and to facilitate refunds and returns SoundXtra needs to store transactional information after the transaction is complete. SoundXtra does not store historic transactional records on web servers, but on protected, remote systems that are not connected to the public internet. This is to prevent unauthorised or malicious access to credit card information or other personal data. Better still, card numbers are stored in data sets that are separate from those holding the names of their owners.

If you have questions or comments regarding SoundXtra security issues please email us support@soundXtra.com